Friday, March 17, 2017

Mirror, Mirror

Remember the story of Snow White? There was a part in the movie where the queen asks the mirror, "Who's the fairest in the land? And of course it would answer that she was until one day the mirror tells the queen that Snow White is the fairest in the land! WOW! That makes her extremely mad looking to get rid of Snow White. It's called "growing old".

Yes, believe it or not, the clock does not stop. It keeps on ticking forward. As you get older, you see your body changing into something that you don't like because it doesn't look like it did 30 or more years ago. Life goes on and we all change to some degree, some more, some less.

I am now 65 and don't like it. My mind has not caught up with my physical age. Maybe 45. But God has given us the ability to make choices how we view situations. As a police officer, I was faced with many different scenarios during which I had to make serious decisions in record setting time. But with aging, it just moves along at a turtles pace.

So I stand in front of the mirror gazing at myself and ask God why? God says don't be too concerned about your looks but be more concerned about your heart physically and especially spiritually. This body will eventually die but your spirit goes on forever. Again, God gives us choices, heaven or hell. God does not send people to hell. They send themselves to hell by not obeying what God has asked of us and that is accepting what Jesus did on the cross for us. He paid for our transgressions.

Our physical heart needs the proper nutrients to stay healthy but we live in a world of total junk food. If junk food didn't taste good, no one would eat it. The more junk food we eat, the more the mirror tells the physical truth! We should eat the right foods to stay healthy. But what about staying healthy spiritually?

Spiritual food is the Bible, prayer and fellowship with other Christians. These are the 3 main ingredients for staying healthy with God. But you start with accepting Jesus Christ as your Lord and let Him run your life.

I now stand in front of the mirror and ask myself who do I actually see, me or the Jesus in me? I obviously see the physical but am I able to see the spiritual side of me? Mirrors only see a part of you, not the whole. The mirror sees the physical truth but God sees the spiritual truth.