Wednesday, February 5, 2020

America - Home of the . . . ?

I grew up with the slogan that America was the "land of the free and the home of the brave". This statement is a foundation of this country for one basic reason: WE NEVER GIVE UP! The USA was founded upon Biblical principles embedded in the Declaration and the Constitution.

How many movies and documentaries have you seen where the enemy is closing in but we "never give up" and triumph in the end. We have faith in our God and in the country He gave us. We stand strong as proud Americans in the free world BUT there is now a strong underlying move to drastically change this country.

Do remember or maybe you never heard of the short concept of putting a frog in hot water and watch him immediately jump out. He recognized the danger but put a frog in cold water and slowly turn up the heat and he will become comfortable until he is dead. This what is starting to happen in America. It blows me away that the term "SOCIALISM" is even being discussed to change our country! Socialism is anti-democracy. It is also anti-God. Are we being put into a slow cooker of cold water waiting for the heat to come up? Well, I think the heat is starting to rise with candidates running as DEMOCRATIC SOCIALISTS"!

Where are the brave in this country? Yes, there are the first responders and our brave military but I am referring to the people of this country who need to get out and voice their opinion in the voting booth!

After watching Nancy Pelosi last night tear up Trump's speech in angry defiance shows exactly what we as a country are facing. These people don't want a free country. They have so much hatred for President Trump, it is blinding them. The Democratic Party is not the party I am familiar with of years ago. They have become a radical leftists group. Now is the time that we stand up for what is right in this country by VOTING!!! It appears that Trump will win the election but we can't be lazy and assume he will win and not show up at the polls.

This is a great country and we need to keep America great! Since I now have an online store, I custom design products and here are a few with respect to showing our pride.