Wednesday, June 12, 2019

My First Book!

I am so excited that I have written my first book! It's called, "PUT YOUR HANDS UP! AN ARREST WARRANT FROM GOD". It's my personal testimony about how I went from being an atheist cop to a Christian cop. The concept of the book is to show what type of environment I grew up in and how God brought me through circumstances to the point where finally someone approached me to tell me about Jesus.

We live in a world that is growing slowly away from God as the Bible had predicted  My home life was void of any Godly influence especially since my father was a German atheist! But my mother was an Irish Catholic! I can't explain that one! I won't go into it here basically because I want you to buy the book! The goal was not to make money but to get my testimony out as Jesus told us to do.

God created us with the ability of free choice and along with that attribute comes the ability to be influenced either by choice or by no choice. No choice doesn't mean to be forcefully influenced but influenced in a way that you might not be aware of. Just watching TV can influence you. Years ago there was a situation called "subliminal advertising" which is now illegal where movie theatres could put one frame of a picture of a particular refreshment they were selling in one frame of the film. Your eye couldn't see it but your mind did! It would make people thirsty or hungry where they then would go out to the lobby and buy the items! It still might be used in different places today.

But the point that I'm trying to make is that we are influenced, good and bad, and that influence will eventually show up in our lives. That is what happened to me. I was influenced by my father, school, the NAVY and college to believe that there was no God. So pick up the book and try to get it to someone who does not have a relationship with Jesus. Let the book influence someone! It is sold on Amazon right now. $9.99 won't break the bank! Here's a link to Amazon:

Sunday, February 10, 2019


Sometimes in life events come our way that get us to open our eyes. These events are sometimes called "Life Altering". No one is immune to them and if you're not in one now, rest assured one will be coming your way. Jesus said that these events would come and that we must trust in him to either get us out of the event or that he would go through it with us to get us to the end. When these events come, the best case scenario for us is to gain wisdom and grow stronger for the next time.

But suppose there won't be a "next time"? What if you went to your doctor for a checkup, he takes a blood sample and then sends you home. A couple of days later you get a call from the doctor's office for you to come in to see him review your lab results. Instead of getting the general good report from him he tells you that you have a very bad situation and that you probably only have 30 days to live and there is no cure!

After being picked up off the floor from the shock of the report, you head home in despair having not exactly prepared for such a report. So now, what do you do? There are a lot of choices you can make and roads that you can go down but really then what are your priorities in the days to come? A thousand thoughts enter your mind! What about this, what about that person? Where do you begin? Then comes the reality check about God! Yep, you will be finding out the truth very shortly! Is there a "God" and if there isn't, then not too much to worry about except the people around you. BUT, if God does exist, you could be swimming in fire and pain for eternity! Maybe it's time to check your relationship with God RIGHT NOW!!!

With this totally new life direction that has been placed upon you without warning, maybe it's time also to check our your relationships with the closest people to you and make amends because holding bitterness or anger towards someone no matter what they did to you, will potentially end your butt in hell according to God and his word, the Bible. So, take some time out and think about what you would do in this situation and ask yourself maybe I should be doing this anyway! Eternity, as you know, is forever. And by the way, yes, God does exist!

Tuesday, August 14, 2018


Image result for garbage mouth

It is a well-known fact that when you eat certain foods, they will clog your arteries causing a heart attack over a period of time. I am guilty, having 2 stents put in my heart. When your arteries are clogged, your blood has a hard time trying to flow, thus causing a heart attack. When you put junk IN your mouth, you get the variety of results.

• • • It's the same with letting junk come OUT of your mouth! The more junk you watch and listen to, the more that junk will probably clog your mouth! Like your arteries, when your mouth is clogged with verbal junk, criticism, swearing, hate, controlling attitudes, anger, etc, the good, uplifting, affirmative, blessings, inspirational, loving, and helpful words cannot flow through your mouth! We all say the wrong things at times and sometimes regret it for the rest of our lives Words can hurt or heal, love or hate. The problem is, once those words are our, they cannot return. There is no undo button to push!

• • • God says, "Death and life are in the power of the tongue. Those who love it will eat its fruit". - Proverbs 18:21

Monday, February 12, 2018


• • FROM THE CHAPLAIN'S OFFICE: Just because I gave my life to Jesus Christ 35 years ago and have gone to Bible college and seminary does not mean I know everything about God and the Bible. I have a long way to go but there is one thing I learned early in my walk: SATAN IS REAL!
• • It's a really sad state that many churches shy away from teaching the reality of Satan and what he does. We will never have all the answers to the situations that go on every day. There is one truth that I have learned in looking at these situations and that is I ask myself, "who gets the glory out of this?" Who gets the glory out of all these police officers being killed? Who gets the glory of abortions? Who gets the glory when we see our military being killed?
• • Friends, evil is evil! You can't stick your head in the ground and pray to God that everything will be OK. Read the Bible! Satan comes to steal, kill and destroy! Not God!
• • Jesus gave us the authority over all the power of Satan but the church is not using its authority in so many areas. The battlefield is in our minds and you can take authority over all your thoughts. If Satan had any power, we'd all be dead a long time ago but he plays with people's minds to convince them to do his bidding. One of his main mental battle plans is to convince you that he doesn't exist! Do you believe that he exists?
• • God created the heavens and all you see. All he wants is to have a relationship with you, his child. Seek him!

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Dazed and Confused

It's now after Thanksgiving and headed for the Christmas holidays. 2017 has been some year, hasn't it? There has been so much depression, confusion, hatred, in this world from all the events that have occurred. Sometimes you get so burden heavy from all of this that you begin to wonder where is God in all this.

Stress has always been around and will continue because Satan is not going asleep. He prowls around seeking whom he can destroy with his demons. He looks for all the weak links in all of us. We all have them. That's because we are not perfect and need what is NOT perfect for us to be filled with help from God. That's a void only Jesus Christ can fill even though as humans in this world try to fill it with so much other stuff. When we do that, it causes confusion and chaos in our lives. You get to be dazed and confused. As the saying goes, "stuff happens". We can expect that stress will attack us almost any time and probably when we least expect it. As a police officer, I had to be as prepared for what I might encounter out in the street each shift. You just never know what to expect but you had better be ready. That's why training is so important. Officers need the right equipment and must be ready to fire their weapon at a moments notice.

Here's another example. Your out on a boat having a great time when the boat is rocked somehow and you fall overboard! You're splashing around trying to stay afloat when you're thinking, "Why didn't I have my preserver on?" Well, it's the same with everyday life! You know that the potential of some type of stress can happen to you when you leave home if you have not already encountered stress in your home! How do you prepare for stress? It doesn't matter what type of person you are because God says that if you trust in him, let him run your life, he will either get rid of the stress or get you through it and have peace at the end.

35 years ago I gave my life to Jesus Christ and there are no human words can explain the peace that I have experienced through major trials such as divorce and heart attacks. If you have not asked God to run your life, please consider today to do so. Just ask Jesus Christ to run your life and ask him to forgive you for all the sins you have committed. We all have sinned! There are no exceptions except Jesus. I know life is better because I put God in my life as a life preserver.

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

There's No Cops in Heaven.

Hold it! Before you draw your weapons at me, read on. As a former atheist, becoming a Christian was a big thing. After all, I was a cop packing my Baretta and other weapons to do my job. Each day I faced a myriad of problems that could arise at a split second. I dealt with reality each day. What did I care about heaven or God?

Then came that day when I decided to check this "Jesus thing" out. I had NYPD officers(and others)  telling me about the Bible and what Jesus could do for me. Initially, I told them to put the Bible where the sun don't shine. That did not bother them at all! I thought they were all screwed up! Over a period of time, I began to seriously consider what brother officers were telling me about Jesus Christ until I said the prayer asking Jesus to run my life. To say the least, life changed drastically!

To make a very long period of time shorter, I did a lot of studying and reading the Bible. I listened to many teachers and preachers and realized that the Bible was in fact the inspired word of God. But during this time I came to a very "eye-opening" conclusion. There are many religions and denominations all saying they are going to heaven. People think that because they are nice, they too will see God. But when you read the Bible. you find something of importance that denominations won't tell you. They are not in the Bible!! The names of religions and denominations are all man made up!

Man has given titles to everything not just religion but in all aspects of life. It's not the titles of people who go to heaven but only the people who have given their lives to Jesus Christ irregardless of what title they may have had. So to say that there are no cops in heaven is true because those titles don't exist there. BUT they also don't exist in hell! When you die, those titles either fall off going to heaven or they burn off going to hell! So you can say that Catholics, Methodists, Baptists, etc. all don't go to heaven because it's not their religions that get them there but their relationship God. Have they accepted Jesus as Lord?

The bottom line is that you don't let strangers in your house and neither does God! My badge won't get me to heaven but only my relationship with His son Jesus Christ. Where is your relationship with God? He sent His son down here for a reason! If you died today, where would you spend eternity?

Friday, October 20, 2017

Default Programming

When we are born, we are born with a software program that leads eventually to hell. By default, EVERYONE is born with it. No one is exempt! We can go through life thinking we're programmed right because things might seem OK but they're not.

As life progresses, we check out different software programs that exist in life, some good, some bad. But we all have a choice of what program to choose to install. Some programs use food while others use drugs. Some use sports, some use hobbies. There are a multitude of programs to choose from and you can have multiple programs at the same time. But sometimes programs can become corrupt due to viruses that infect our programming. The problem is when a virus hits, it can be too late to recover from the problem and technical surgery must be performed. The infected program must be removed or other programs might become infected and a shutdown could happen.

There are some great programs out there. Sports programs are great for it's physical and mental attributes. We all should exercise to some degree. Healthy living is very important. We all need to be physically and mentally healthy. But there is one topic that is left out here. That is spiritually healthy.

To become spiritually healthy, there is a program available to us called church. This program comes in different sizes and styles. Some of these programs only work one day a week while others work 24/7. Do you know how to tell which of these programs are really working? You can tell by what the program produces in the user of the software program. When a virus hits this particular program, if the software was installed right, it deletes the virus or blocks it. A good functioning program like church is established because of how it was created.

There is a manual for the church program called the Bible. It's a great program only if it's read. But reading it alone does not help the church program. There is one other program that must be installed along with this church program and it is called a relationship with Jesus Christ. This last software activates the Bible program which activates the church program! The output of this last software program results in the ultimate program called heaven.

So I ask you. . . . what are you programmed with? Don't leave home without it!