Thursday, December 5, 2019


A couple of months ago I was reading the news feed on my Facebook when I saw an AD from a printing company. Usually, I just skim over all ADs unless they express things for graphics or video editing. Well, this day I was scrolling when this AD shows up and caught my attention. So, I decided to check it out and see what they were promoting.

As I was reading the material and watching their video, I was thinking this looked pretty easy. They were explaining how to start a business in "printing on demand" which I had never heard of before. I have been involved in graphic layout work for about 30 years covering all types of printing from business cards to billboards. So spent some time reviewing all the material but wasn't sure if I could do this when God reminded me of Pastor Ron Carpenter teaching from 2 Kings 4: 1-7. This scripture was talking about the widow woman and her 2 sons going to the prophet Elisha. She told the prophet how her creditor was coming to take her 2 boys as slaves because she was in debt. Elisha told her to get all these jars and
fill them with oil and sell them to get out of debt. Basically, the concept Ron Carpenter was teaching was to use whatever talent you have that God gave to make money to live on. Use whatever you have at hand. Money doesn't flow out of the sky but God gave us talents to use for His glory.

That's how it started. That scripture the Lord showed me said to use my graphic design ability to bring in more income. I live on a pension and it's always tight each month. I prayed and began to learn what I needed to do to get started. After several weeks of reading and watching training videos, I set up my online store. I chose what items I wanted to promote and began creating graphics for those items.

Today I have 'THE CHAPLAINBOBSTORE". Much prayer is going into it and I am standing on God's word that I will bring in serious income. I have a vision and I'm going with it! Check it out!