Sunday, February 10, 2019


Sometimes in life events come our way that get us to open our eyes. These events are sometimes called "Life Altering". No one is immune to them and if you're not in one now, rest assured one will be coming your way. Jesus said that these events would come and that we must trust in him to either get us out of the event or that he would go through it with us to get us to the end. When these events come, the best case scenario for us is to gain wisdom and grow stronger for the next time.

But suppose there won't be a "next time"? What if you went to your doctor for a checkup, he takes a blood sample and then sends you home. A couple of days later you get a call from the doctor's office for you to come in to see him review your lab results. Instead of getting the general good report from him he tells you that you have a very bad situation and that you probably only have 30 days to live and there is no cure!

After being picked up off the floor from the shock of the report, you head home in despair having not exactly prepared for such a report. So now, what do you do? There are a lot of choices you can make and roads that you can go down but really then what are your priorities in the days to come? A thousand thoughts enter your mind! What about this, what about that person? Where do you begin? Then comes the reality check about God! Yep, you will be finding out the truth very shortly! Is there a "God" and if there isn't, then not too much to worry about except the people around you. BUT, if God does exist, you could be swimming in fire and pain for eternity! Maybe it's time to check your relationship with God RIGHT NOW!!!

With this totally new life direction that has been placed upon you without warning, maybe it's time also to check our your relationships with the closest people to you and make amends because holding bitterness or anger towards someone no matter what they did to you, will potentially end your butt in hell according to God and his word, the Bible. So, take some time out and think about what you would do in this situation and ask yourself maybe I should be doing this anyway! Eternity, as you know, is forever. And by the way, yes, God does exist!