Tuesday, August 14, 2018


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It is a well-known fact that when you eat certain foods, they will clog your arteries causing a heart attack over a period of time. I am guilty, having 2 stents put in my heart. When your arteries are clogged, your blood has a hard time trying to flow, thus causing a heart attack. When you put junk IN your mouth, you get the variety of results.

• • • It's the same with letting junk come OUT of your mouth! The more junk you watch and listen to, the more that junk will probably clog your mouth! Like your arteries, when your mouth is clogged with verbal junk, criticism, swearing, hate, controlling attitudes, anger, etc, the good, uplifting, affirmative, blessings, inspirational, loving, and helpful words cannot flow through your mouth! We all say the wrong things at times and sometimes regret it for the rest of our lives Words can hurt or heal, love or hate. The problem is, once those words are our, they cannot return. There is no undo button to push!

• • • God says, "Death and life are in the power of the tongue. Those who love it will eat its fruit". - Proverbs 18:21

Monday, February 12, 2018


• • FROM THE CHAPLAIN'S OFFICE: Just because I gave my life to Jesus Christ 35 years ago and have gone to Bible college and seminary does not mean I know everything about God and the Bible. I have a long way to go but there is one thing I learned early in my walk: SATAN IS REAL!
• • It's a really sad state that many churches shy away from teaching the reality of Satan and what he does. We will never have all the answers to the situations that go on every day. There is one truth that I have learned in looking at these situations and that is I ask myself, "who gets the glory out of this?" Who gets the glory out of all these police officers being killed? Who gets the glory of abortions? Who gets the glory when we see our military being killed?
• • Friends, evil is evil! You can't stick your head in the ground and pray to God that everything will be OK. Read the Bible! Satan comes to steal, kill and destroy! Not God!
• • Jesus gave us the authority over all the power of Satan but the church is not using its authority in so many areas. The battlefield is in our minds and you can take authority over all your thoughts. If Satan had any power, we'd all be dead a long time ago but he plays with people's minds to convince them to do his bidding. One of his main mental battle plans is to convince you that he doesn't exist! Do you believe that he exists?
• • God created the heavens and all you see. All he wants is to have a relationship with you, his child. Seek him!