Tuesday, August 15, 2017

The Alarm Clock is Ringing!

It's Saturday morning and I'm just sitting drinking my fresh coffee looking outside at the morning sun. I ponder over the latest events in my life and begin to ask God why. . . and what is going to happen? Did you ever get there? Even as a Christian, I wonder why and what will happen and God knows that I ask those questions just like millions before have asked the same. Nothing new for HIM. He knew we would ask those questions.

So I'm sitting outside just seeing the world going by and the continuation of all the problems that are going on. When I take the time just to sit and talk to God, sometimes He answers me right then. It's in His Word what is going on and what will happen. He said as in the days of Noah, so shall it be when He returns. You see, right before the flood, life was just going on and on. People working and partying and not willing to hear or see the truth about what God says. They choose to be blind and disregard what is being declared. It's like your alarm clock going off and off and off and you not acknowledging it. Don't you hear it ringing and ringing and ringing?

In Noah's time, people just scoffed him because who ever heard of building a huge boat on land? It must have been some sight! I could see how people would make fun of such a thing. But all they had to do was listen to what Noah was saying about God. But they didn't and God knew that.

This morning I sit and think of all the topics occurring in the world: Isis, Nuke talks with Iran and their talk of bombing Israel, our elections, Law Enforcement under attack, Black lives matter, police lives matter, abortion, California fires, Russian military invading Ukraine, Clinton's email problems, the EPA floods, shooting in churches, malls and schools, and the list goes on and on. Somewhat depressing because I never grew up with all these things happening.

So as in the days of Noah, so it is today. Jesus said all this would happen BUT we are supposed to discern these events and understand that He
will be returning soon. Of course, as a former atheist I used to scoff at Christians who told me about "end times" also. But now my eyes have been opened because I CHOSE to seek the truth. After all, in the "norm", end times talk sounds like something in the movies. Of course, when your eyes are opened to the truth, you see that it is Satan who uses the media to deceive the world just like Jesus said he would. I was deceived but now my eyes are opened. Jesus said that no man knows the "day or hour" of His return, not even Jesus knows when... only God. But Jesus said that we are to be ready at all times because just like a thief in the night, He will return BUT that we are to know the signs of His return! The signs are all around us. Yes, we've had problems like these for many years but never all at the same time! Have you taken time to seek the the truth in the Bible? 
                                    THE ALARM CLOCK IS RINGING. . . . . .     


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