Friday, October 20, 2017

Default Programming

When we are born, we are born with a software program that leads eventually to hell. By default, EVERYONE is born with it. No one is exempt! We can go through life thinking we're programmed right because things might seem OK but they're not.

As life progresses, we check out different software programs that exist in life, some good, some bad. But we all have a choice of what program to choose to install. Some programs use food while others use drugs. Some use sports, some use hobbies. There are a multitude of programs to choose from and you can have multiple programs at the same time. But sometimes programs can become corrupt due to viruses that infect our programming. The problem is when a virus hits, it can be too late to recover from the problem and technical surgery must be performed. The infected program must be removed or other programs might become infected and a shutdown could happen.

There are some great programs out there. Sports programs are great for it's physical and mental attributes. We all should exercise to some degree. Healthy living is very important. We all need to be physically and mentally healthy. But there is one topic that is left out here. That is spiritually healthy.

To become spiritually healthy, there is a program available to us called church. This program comes in different sizes and styles. Some of these programs only work one day a week while others work 24/7. Do you know how to tell which of these programs are really working? You can tell by what the program produces in the user of the software program. When a virus hits this particular program, if the software was installed right, it deletes the virus or blocks it. A good functioning program like church is established because of how it was created.

There is a manual for the church program called the Bible. It's a great program only if it's read. But reading it alone does not help the church program. There is one other program that must be installed along with this church program and it is called a relationship with Jesus Christ. This last software activates the Bible program which activates the church program! The output of this last software program results in the ultimate program called heaven.

So I ask you. . . . what are you programmed with? Don't leave home without it!

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